I have been working for a company that arranges and do activities for two years. These activities vary from workshops to city games or escape rooms. As employee, I had to make sure the guests had an unforgettable day.

The company, Doe Nederland, asked if I could make some designs for the (new) games.


Location-based city games (The hangover & Sex And The City):

Made for four cities – Den Bosch, Nijmegen, Eindhoven, Utrecht.






During the ‘Pubquiz’ there is minigame with a wheel with categories. When it’s your turn you can spin the wheel and then you have to answer the question in the category where the wheel stops.





Images website:

Due to a new website and new combinations of activities, I had to make images for on the website. These are some examples.





Ik Hou Van Holland:

This is a game with a final in the end which also includes a wheel. Your team will the points in the top of the wheel after spinning it.





Escape City:

Last but not least I made a city game for Doe Nederland with two other colleagues. This is also a location-based game in the city itself. At the end, you have to dismantle a ‘bomb’ to save the city and win the game. The concept is similar to an Escape Room.

We split the city Den Bosch into four areas and each of us made questions and missions for it. I walked through my area with my camera, made photos and riddles. Besides I made a logo.